The cap torque in PET bottles is one of the important feature tested in the production line.  This kind of property can determine the quality of PET containers, and their absence can lead to dangerous accidents. To ensure a strong opening-closing strength of the bottle caps, torque test can be conducted using a torque testing machine specifically designed for PET Bottle Caps such as Labtiger’s Torque tester (digital model)


Torque evaluation is conducted on the PET bottles in the testing laboratories within various industries to ensure the opening and closing strength of the product. This testing procedure can evaluate the quality of the bottle caps and lids accurately and easily.

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Torque tester presented by Labtiger is one of the most popular testing devices that are utilized in PET products manufacturing industries to calculate the torque force at which the bottle can be opened or closed. It is taken as the best quality control method which is preferred for smooth operation in a production line. This testing method is conducted prior the initiation of  the packaging process.

It determines the torque tolerances of the PET bottle caps. The test sample is kept in between the anti-slip holders/pegs for the strong holding. The instrument is utilized for testing the PET bottles when they are subjected to a load under twisting. It is also provided with a digital display which allows easy reading of the test results with greater accuracy.

Important features we deliver:

  • Strong clamping holders equipped for zero slip gripping of bottles.
  • In-built calibration facility provided with the instrument.
  • Flexible clamping holds to keep the different size of bottles.
  • Equipped with highly accurate torque sensor for precise test data.
  • User-friendly experience with easy to read out LED display screen.
  • The facility provided to hold peak value in the machine memory for future use.
  • Up to nine sample test readings can be recorded on the digital readout.
  • Safety lock pin is installed for reducing additional force on the torque sensor.
  • Live test recording can be seen on the digital screen.
  • Elegant design with powder coated have grey & blue combination finish and bright chrome/zinc plating for corrosion resistant performance.
  • Constructed of mild steel body for strength and longevity.

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