The plastic material is becoming a part of each and every industrial application. Due to its low specific gravity and easily moldable feature, it is now preferred over metals and ceramics for manufacturing device components. Their demand has expanded with time as their use have made the components lighter and led to cost reductions. With increasing benefits delivered by plastics, they are now pulled into the construction of materials used in harsh environments. Those materials which are utilized in outdoor locations are exposed to harsh conditions due to sunlight and temperature alterations. Therefore, to take out the maximum output of plastic components, the weather resistance of these materials must be evaluated. For this purpose, outdoor exposure test methods were earlier in practice for testing the modifications occurred in plastics which are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. But, due to the rise of rapid product development, accelerated weathering tester is in high demand.

The accelerated testing method

The accelerated weathering tests are utilized to conduct exposure testing which simulates the harsh environmental conditions that are faced by plastic materials. The method uses irradiation using an artificial light source along with water spray and cyclic experimental situations such as temperature alteration, relative humidity, and irradiation energy.

Labtiger’s UV-light accelerated weathering tester is an accurate testing chamber which can generate real-life harsh conditions and is utilized for testing damages occurred due to extreme sunlight, rain, and dew. It simulates the accelerated aging environment and is constructed to evaluate the ability of plastic products to withstand harsh conditions utilizing UV lamps, water spray, and fluorescent lights. It complies with testing standards of ISO 11507, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-3, ASTM D 4587, ASTM D 4329, ASTM G-151, ASTM G-154, BS 2782:Part5, JIS D 0205.


  • The chamber regulates rapid resumption of UV Lights at the time of continuous circulation.
  • Installed with program profiling facility for setting test parameters.
  • Equipped with UV lamps to generate short-wave ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
  • HMI display installed to observe live recording of test time, chamber temperature, spray time, accumulated time etc.
  • The chamber offers a corrosion resistant PT-100 sensor for maintaining high accuracy in test results.
  • Equipped with relay based programmable temperature controller.
  • Easy sample placements facility provided in the testing chamber.
  • Rapid resumption of water spray and humidity during condensation cycle is regulated.
  • Highly advanced technology offered along with touch screen and friendly operating window.
  • Original UVA or UVB lamps installed to ensure the compare testing results.

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