Today, the corrugated box industry is very competitive.  Not only do you need to deliver them in record times at unbeatable prices, but with the various technologies available, the standard requirements for corrugated box manufacturers have been set extremely high. Hence, it is vital to test the quality of corrugated box production using an efficient Box compression tester.

You are now expected to deliver flawlessly, 100% defect-free boxes. In an effort to help you manufacture boxes at the highest possible level, we have gathered few important points for improving your production.

Proper use of adhesives
If you are working with an older glue pot and wheels, you know they tend to generate a little glue slinging. This can affect the quality of the glue joint and create stickers where boxes in the bundle will stick together. They can also create adhesive contamination with dust and debris. As for adhesive applicators, although they are the cleanest choice, it is important to check them regularly to avoid possible nozzle or applicator clogging. Also, while working with distinct sized board panels and speed requirements in the corrugated box manufacturing, it is necessary for the operator to constantly adjust the pattern length and placement in order to keep a consistent and high-quality adhesive application. Any distraction can cause a maladjustment that will result in product loss.

Ensure the Quality Standards
Quality assurance has 3 components: identify the non-conforming product, remove it from the production line, and monitor the lines’ statistics to hold plant operations accountable. All 3 are possible in ways not imagined five years ago in the corrugated box manufacturing industry, with vision-based quality assurance. Use of highly standardized testing instrument for corrugated boxes such as box compression tester can help in assuring quality production. The test results enable the managers to be aware of developments on converting lines as they occur and to take corrective action in a timely fashion.

Scrap can blotch your reputation
For a flawless result, incorporate a scrap or tab removal system to prevent hanging scrap that has not been properly cut after being folded into the box.

Get rid of defective boxes before they make it onto your delivery truck.
Bundle ejection systems are used in conjunction with a quality assurance system to guarantee that the defective boards are removed from manufacturing and not shipped to the customer.

As the second major component of a Quality Assurance System in paper converting, removing defective product from the line automatically is unparalleled in regards to effectiveness. All other options rely on operators to sort product or catch errors and take them out of the stream. Automatic ejection takes care of the removal without interrupting production.

By implementing these tips into your manufacturing process today, you can observe the change in the quality of your corrugated boxes tomorrow.

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