The moisture content plays a vital role in the physical and chemical stability of pharmaceutical active ingredients and its preparation method. As imbalance in the moisture content can lead to degradation of drugs. Unwanted amount of moisture in drugs can result into bacterial or other microbial growth. The moisture issue of pharma chemicals is also a notable economic factor for both production and sales team. It is major factor that not only impact the production process but also effects the stability assurance of the finished drug.

Moisture analysis thus an imperative step taken by drug manufacturer in pharma industry using Moisture Analyser. The tool used for the test is specially designed for estimating moisture content in powder. Uses halogen dryer for conducting thermogravimetric moisture analysis. Has a testing pan for placing powder substance easily. Equipped with programmable digital based display for test read out.

The entire model operation is based upon digital controls to deliver highly accurate results. Offers ergonomic design for user comfort. Up to 50 test readings can be saved in the test memory. Has RS 232 communication interface. Deliver rapid heating and drying process. User can even retrieve testing data. The Digital operations shares a menu driven system for making selection of testing parameters and for conducting test.

One can auto-tune the test instrument using the inbuilt calibration feature. The equipment can be calibrated as per the industry standards. The test reading can be changed into several language such as English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. User can choose form trio drying profiles including fast, ramp and set. Get statistical test data as per standards which can be used for your further study.