There are over thousands of instruments used every day in various hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.  Numerous instruments are used in the laboratories as well as other pharmaceutical industries. Sterilisation of medical equipment is of utmost importance in the medical sector.

More than thousands of patients die every year or get infected with life threatening diseases because the medical instruments were not properly & effectively sterilised. There are numerous cases, where complications are caused due to improper sterilisation. Many harmful bacteria can grow on the unclean medical instrument and if those bacteria gain entry into a patient’s body, it could kill them or cause numerous complications.

How to Perform Quick & Effective Sterilisation?

The sterilisation process is performed on lab instruments, to remove any dust particles and to ensure their utmost hygiene. There are numerous laboratories that use autoclaves for sterilisation purpose, which use saturated steam and very high pressure for the cleansing of instruments. Usage of the autoclave is slightly risky for laboratories as the very high amount of pressure is created while sterilising. To perform effective & safe sterilisation, high quality Hot Air Ovens can be used.  It creates an adequate amount of hot air inside the chamber to remove any bacteria or dust particles from the instrument.

Labtiger has introduced a sturdy, easy to use and technically advanced Laboratory Hot Air in the market, which can be easily operated at the temperature of 122° Fahrenheit to 482° Fahrenheit or 50° Celsius to 250° Celsius. The offered device is fitted with double walled glass wool insulation to maintain a constant flow of heat inside the chamber and conserve energy. Moreover, graded stainless steel is used to create its double walled wall chamber. 

How does a Hot Air Oven Works?

The operating principle of this machine is based on fine gravity air convection in a heated electrical chamber. Its two jacket design and a highly advanced automatic control unit ensures a consistent temperature throughout the chamber and precise sterilisation process. Moreover, when the door is opened, the machine quickly returns to its normal temperature. The Hot Air Ovens are widely used in laboratories and hospitals for various reasons such economical, noiseless & simple operation, accurate results, trouble free installation and easy maintenance.  

Important Features of Labtiger’s Hot Air Oven prima series

  • It comes with five touch keys for trouble free operation
  • This oven is fitted with LED indicators for different parameters
  • A very advanced auto tune PID controller is installed for temperature control
  • It is equipped with electric circuit breaker to ensure maximum protection
  • A graphic LED display is also there to display values and images