Plastics and polymers are very popular nowadays and are being commonly used as roofing material for buildings, houses, outdoor parking areas and more. Attributed to their sound resistance, temperature and UV resistance, impact force resistance and lower cost, plastic roofing sheets are more popular than cemented roofs. Since it’s important that the roof must be weather resistant and long lasting, the material used should be of high quality, durability and essentially tolerant to extreme weather conditions, while ensuring safety. Hence, manufacturers of such plastic roofing sheets must take essential steps and conduct a standardised test to ensure that their material is suitable to withstand harsh climates for an extended period of time. A highly reliable and advanced testing machine called UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester fulfils this purpose.


The UV Testing Machine is a technologically advanced weathering chamber which gives consistent and accurate results. It reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, temperature variations, rain and moisture. The machine complies with various test standards, namely, BS 2782: Part5, JIS D 0205, ASTM D 4329, ASTM G-151, ISO 11507, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-3, ASTM D 4587, and ASTM G-154.

Equipped with hi-tech UV lamps for simulating real-life Ultra violet effect, the machine is also fitted with water spray to imitate the rainwater and moisture effect and fluorescent light sources. The water range and quantity can be adjusted. The UV light source is designed to simulate even the short-wave ultraviolet part of sunlight. During continuous circulation of the test, the UV lights can be rapidly restarted. To ensure ease of operation, the machine is controlled with HMI based Touchscreen program. You can set testing parameters as per your need by choosing from multiple program profiles on the display screen. The operator can observe the live test data on the screen with detail statistics. Also, the operator can tele-control the chamber via TCP/IP internet. The machine can be shifted from one location other using its smooth locomotive wheels on the bottom of the chamber.


The UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester also assure complete safety and security during the test. It will automatically buzz an alarm on current leakage, water-overflow, Content overloading, overheating of chamber, or when the doors are not closed properly. The machine is built with hi-tech software which delivers highly accurate results on repeatable test cycles.

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