The recently created batteries in the market are outperforming other power sources on the ground of status and proficiency. We frequently hear exceptional enhancements in power source innovations, each conveying diverse advantages, yet none are viewed as an attractive answer for the present vitality needs. In actuality, Battery has numerous advantages over other vitality sources. Be that as it may, it likewise has significant impediments.

Being presented to the external condition, the battery is inclined to get harmed by outrageous climatic conditions. Among them, the most harming variable is – Humidity. Batteries are delicate to temperature and stickiness changes. For example, batteries can dry out rapidly in a dry atmosphere and in high muggy climate, they can retain dampness which can prompt shorter legitimacy and spillage. In this manner, testing the temperature and stickiness resilience of battery is an absolute necessity preceding conveying it to the shopper.

Programmable Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber gives a re-enacted domain having a controlled scope of temperature and relative moistness. The chamber conditions are profoundly exact and are produced to test batteries for perseverance, future and responses.

The hardware conforms to a few national and worldwide testing models which makes it reasonable for testing a wide scope of materials originating from various parts. The chamber offers a truly adaptable authority over the testing parameters. One can set numerous test cycles with pre-set strides of rising and falling of temperature and relative stickiness concerning time. The whole program can be worked utilizing HMI based touchscreen show. It empowers setting test parameters, watching continuous test information, overseeing test information memory. The temperature cycle diagram can be acquired on the screen for examination consider.

Dampness Test Chamber is made utilizing presumed segments having a long legitimacy period. Two standard estimated plate are put in the chamber for test arrangement. The Temperature ranges from – 40 to 150 degree. Furthermore, the Relative Humidity ranges from 20% to 98%RH. PU Foam Insulation gave to guarantee zero warmth misfortune. The Test results can be acquired for outside use through the USB entrance.

The testing tests are set inside the chamber on the plate and various cycle of test can be kept running according to the business measures. Items which clear the test can be settled for large scale manufacturing.