Testing is an important procedure in every industry. It involves a lot of experimentation, visual observations and evaluations. And nowadays, to convince the potential buyers, manufacturers are now documenting the testing results. This increases the credibility of the products. This not only assures the quality to the buyer but takes the trust level to next step. In paper and packaging industry, you will be amazed to know the strictness with which testing is conducted. Testing not only includes the pass / fail criteria of the end product but starts right from choosing the raw material, assessing the properties and behaviour of the materials. Packing materials vary with the application. It could be paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, etc. Good packing ensures safe delivery of the materials.


There are two types of packings;

  • Primary
  • Secondary

In fact, different industries now have relative authorities that roll out testing standards. The testing standards include the testing process, packing design, periodic retesting. The test procedures defined in the standards are controlled and very approximate to the intended working conditions. The test methods are closely monitored by various quality check departments like ASTM, JIS, ISO, etc.

The testing of paper and packaging assures safety and quality of the components at the time of storage and transit. Be it paper or packaging, they both should be tested to withstand different conditions during the real working conditions. If the secondary packaging fails, there are chances that primary packaging may also fail. Say, for moist weathering conditions, it becomes important that paper and packaging that is made up of paper should be tested with cobb sizing tester to adjudge their moisture absorption and retention capacity. This helps in saving the time and money. Appropriate testing helps in decreasing rejection rate and product failure.

Testing Instruments for Packaging testing

When it comes to the testing of packaging, testing of different materials come in mind. Paper, fibre board, corrugated board, single layered, multi-layered can be tested using cobb sizing tester, edge crush tester, bursting strength tester. Labtiger is a leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments for paper and packaging industry. All the equipment are designed keeping the testing standards in mind. Different standards like TAPPI, ASTM, BIS, ISO are followed while engineering the machines. A wide range of machines is available to choose from. If you are looking for testing instruments, contact our experts. They will help you in choosing the right products for your industry that fits your budget as well.