Metal rollers are broadly utilized in various kinds of machines, bikes, and so forth to keep up the isolation between the bearing races. The motivation behind metal roller is to lessen down the rotational friction, rubbing and pivotal load. Before purchasing the metal ball slides, the clients need to guarantee that the metal rollers are impervious to corrosion or not? The most ideal approach to test the corrosion resistance quality on any ferrous material, metal or amalgams is Salt Spray Chamber.



Through this testing system, the specimen are presented to 5% salt arrangement which is like the real salty and foggy condition and measures the erosion safe quality of the materials effortlessly.

The salt spray test can be performed utilizing standardized chambers. These chambers are designed by the specialists by following national and universal standard test standards, for example, ASTM B117 and ISO 9227. The standard discloses the basic necessities to construct the machine and to conduct precise test. The models likewise cover the parameters, for example, pneumatic lid arrangement, salt arrangement comprehensive of pH focus, the temperature inside the chamber, and considerably more.



Presto has in-house test research facility with a high calibre and extensive variety of testing machines. At whatever point a manufacturer produces an item, they will test every last segment of the product to evaluate the nature of the item. There are various highlights in the salt spray chamber that assist the operator to evaluate the exact behaviour of product while in corrosion. The test arrangement depletes out of the chamber after a particular timeframe and does not make a pool of dampness inside the chamber. Like these there are many other features.