We usually use adhesive tapes to seal the packages, or gift packs etc. They are not only a common sight at domestic uses but also has several industrial applications too. Tapes also have variety within their production. There are duct tape, gummed paper tape, masking tape and many more. Sectors such as electrical manufacturing, automotive, packaging, construction and even heath care have the requirement of these tapes.

However, a quality check on these tapes also holds major importance. Manufacturers find it difficult to match the adhesive strength requirements of customer with their production. Reason behind is lack of a standard testing method and confusion in understanding the exact value. It would not be a case if both customer and supplier are following an international accepted standard for testing the adhesive strength of tapes. Also, using an equipment designed to conduct that standard test method.

Peel Strength tester is utilized for evaluation of adhesive strength of a tape. It simulate the peeling force to an extent so that the bond strength of an adhesive with the substrate can be calculated. Operated using complete digital controls which is programmed using microprocessor system. Have a robust and corrosion resistant outer structure for long validity. In the test process, the tape is first placed to a surface and the specimen is the clamped in the machine. The peel tester pull the tape and the surface in opposite direction and while it happens the force is recorded by the digital screen.


Factors such as peak peel load, initial peel load etc., can be calculated with the process. The machine runs using set time and force. It runs at a constant speed even in repeatable test. User can read out the test data while the process is running.