The continuous growth of new products and manufacturing methods in the pharmaceutical industry need tighter environmental conditions for production. Many processing methods need control of environmental conditions related to temperature and humidity. In order to ensure consistent quality and maximum productivity, it is important to have close control of relative humidity. Poor environmental control can affect the pharmaceutical production line in many ways. High humidity can cause the products to absorb moisture at the time of production and final packaging. Some antibiotic tablets are degraded by reducing its effectiveness if the moisture gets absorbed in it.

Humidity Chambers are used in the pharmaceutical industry to check and store a huge range of products in a particular temperature and humidity conditions keeping in mind the regulatory standards. Humidity chambers is a testing machine used to analyse the prolonged effect of the humidity on various components and set parameters of quality. Manufacturers must understand the component’s behaviour at the sudden fluctuations in the environment.

This instrument is very efficient and useful and ideal for testing of the varying ranges of temperature. It can be used to test the sample for chemical and physical tests. The interior chamber of the equipment is corrosive resistant. It has electric heaters for safety which makes them reliable. Clients can use it easily without any trouble and does not require any high class maintenance. It can be availed at an affordable price and suits the benefits of the customer. It can be used to test the effects of various factors on the final products such as temperature, moisture, vibration and height. The air circulation inside the chamber is constant and continuous for accurate results. The electric heater has automatic on the off option for best temperature regulation inside the chamber. An exhaust system is facilitated with the chamber which helps in maintaining the temperature in the chamber.

Specification of Humidity Chamber are:

  • Inner dimension 18” x 18” x 28”. Customised sizes are available on request
  • Temperature ranges from ambient to 600C
  • The humidity level inside the chamber can be obtained from 65% to 959% having an accuracy of ±2% RH
  • Stainless steel body used for inner body and the outer body is fabricated from mild steel