Bunch of copy paper boxes is one thing which can be found all over the corporate offices and their supply stores. Usually, the loading strength of these boxes is not much of concern in as they carry a weight of up to 500 sheets which is vertically supported by the boxes. But in those cases, where people collect office copy paper boxes for transit purposes may experience damage issues. In such travel conditions, the stacked boxes carrying a particular amount of load may collapse leading to product loss. Hence evaluating the compression strength of copy boxes using a standardized box compression tester is important.

Why Test the Stacking Strength of Copy Paper Box?

 It can be easily noticed that in almost all offices or even in colleges, number of filled copy paper boxes are stacked on the pallet by a photocopier or are placed in an office corner. These stacks will eventually lean-over with passing time and generate an axial load on the boxes. Majorly this type of boxes are designed using B flute board and at the time of stacking, the side panels of the bottom tray having the paper stack are oriented with the board MD in the vertical direction. Due to this, buckling appears causing product failure.

To ensure a damage-free environment of the products inside the boxes, it is quite important to evaluate the stacking strength. It is evaluated by keeping the box on a flat platform and pushing it downwards from the top with the help of motorized arrangement.

Labtiger’s Box Compression Tester (Digital Model) is a highly accurate box compression testing machine which calculates the compression strength of cardboard boxes in order to prevent its deformation during transit loading and storage stacking conditions. It complies with testing standards of ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212.

Key features of the instrument:

  • Microprocessor based bright LED display for live test result analyzation and accurate output.
  • Uniform compression force applied during the test for exact calculation.
  • TARE and peak hold facility available with the testing instrument.
  • The over-travel protection provided.
  • Offer a strong base plate with the rugged structure to ensure zero external movements during the test.
  • Equipped with feather touch controls for the advanced user-friendly experience.

For more information on the testing instrument or to get a quote kindly reach our technical experts for further assistance.