A snap fastener also known by the name of snap, popper, and press stud is a pair of interlocking discs. It is made by using metal or plastic material and is commonly utilized to replace buttons in order to fasten apparels. As their usage is increasing rapidly in the garment industry, it is now important for manufacturers to maintain and improve the quality standards of their snap fasteners. In this blog post, we will explain methods of testing the quality of snap production using a proficient Snap button pullout tester.

Types of snap fasteners

In a snap, a circular lip under one disc fits into a groove on the top of the other disc, holding them strong until a fixed amount of tensile stress is applied. These type of fasteners are often utilized in children's apparels, as they are friendly to use for small children. There are distinct forms of snaps which can be attached to fabric or leather. Among them few are listed below:

  • Open Prong Ring – It is an open circular ring through which the fabric can be seen, when attached on the garment.
  • Capped Prong Ring – It is a solid circle of colour which provides the look of a button when fixed on the garment.
  • Pearl snap – It has a dome shape, and is half-pearl rimmed with a ring utilized majorly in western apparel.
  • Decorative snap – It is embossed with a designer cap.

ASTM D4846 standard for quality testing of snap

The snap quality is usually evaluated by testing the strength they require to fastened or unfastened from the fabric they are attached to. The resistance to unsnapping can be computed by taking a sample fabric with an attached snap fastener. This particular sample is then mounted over a standard snap button pullout tester like one presented by Labtiger testing instruments.


ASTM D4846 is the standard test method used for evaluating the resistance to unsnapping of snaps. Using this test method one can determine the amount of force required to pull out the fasteners by applying a perpendicular pull to and parallel with the plane of the snap. The test helps the manufacturers in establishing a correlation to wear conditions and comparing distinct types of snap fasteners. It proficiently measures the holding or breaking strength between the snap and the fabric sample.

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