Cupping test is an important testing module preferred in the metal sheet industry and is used to assess the ductile properties of metal. In this test, a punching force is applied to the metal sheet with having a thickness of 0.2mm to 2mm. A visual inspection is conducted to analyze if the sample material has developed any cracks or deformity. The force applied to the sample is displayed and calculated by utilizing a pressure gauge.  In this blog section, we will discuss the importance and use of cupping machine in details.

The testing machine works on the principle of a cup-shaped depression formulated in the sheet by the application of force through a punch on the clamped metal sheet material until a visible deformation occurs. This is a manually performed test. The highly calibrated scale is needed to measure the force applied to the sheet.

The test comprises of forming an indentation by pressing a punch with a spherical end against a sample which is clamped between a die and a sample holder until any type of deformation or cracks is seen on the samples.

  1. Take the Zero Plate for sample placement which is given with the machine.
  2. Rotate the “Sample Clamping wheel” in the anti-clockwise direction to insert the Zero plate in the sample holder slot.
  3. Clamp the zero plate by rotating the wheel in a clockwise direction.
  4. Adjust the zero plate with ball surface by rotating the “Test gear wheel” in forwarding direction
  5. Adjust the dial gauge to zero (0) at this position.
  6. Now remove zero plates and the machine is ready to initiate the original test.
  7. Take the metal plate sample that you need to test.
  8. Open the “Sample clamping wheel” by rotating it anticlockwise to place the sample in sample placement area.
  9. The test result will be visualized and assessed. 

The Testing instrument

The cupping machine is used in the field of paint and plating and helps the manufacturers to evaluate the strength of the paint and coatings which are applied on a metal surfaces. It tests the resistance of the paint coating against cracking when there is a deformation experienced by the substrate.

Few key features we deliver:

  • Strong rugged structure with corrosion resistant body for maintaining longevity
  • Precise Dial gauge to measure the cupping of metal
  • Sturdy construction and resilient body finish
  • Revolving Handle for frictionless movement of punch
  • Fast Guiding Mechanism with hand operated wheel
  • Single-handed hassle-free operation with Spherical punch
  • Brass Housing for strong sample clamping

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