Cupping test is a vital testing module favoured in the metal sheet industry and is utilized to survey the flexible properties of metal. In this test, a punching pressure is delivered to the metal sheet with having a thickness of 0.2mm to 2mm. A visual examination is directed to investigate if the material has built up any breaks or deformation in the coating.

The testing machine works using the principle of cup-shaped depression by the utilization of punching force on the clamped metal sheet material until the point when it generates cracks on the surface. This is a manual mode test. The highly adjusted scale is required to calculate the force applied on the metal sheet. The test involves generating an indentation by squeezing a punch with a circular end against the specimen which is braced between a die and a sample holder until the point when any kind of distortion or splits is seen on the specimen sheet.

The cupping machine is utilized as a part of the field of paint and plating and encourages the makers to assess the quality of the paint and coatings which are connected on a metal surfaces. It tests the adhesion capacity of the paint covering against splitting when there is a distortion experienced by the substrate.

Solid rough structure with corrosion resistant paint for delivering long run performance. Precise Dial check to gauge the measuring of metal. Solid development and versatile body wrap up. Spinning Handle for frictionless development of punch. Quick Guiding Mechanism with hand worked wheel. Solitary problem free activity with Spherical punch. Metal Housing for solid sample calmping.