Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test or CASS Test is an essential part of value control in the metal business. This test is utilized to check the consumption obstruction of aluminum composites. It is likewise led to check the chromium plating quality in a salt-loaded condition. Prior the test was just used to test the electrodeposited covering layer of nickel, copper or chromium on the metal surface. Be that as it may, with presentation of inventive innovations the CASS salt shower test is currently used in a few enterprises. The test have indicated necessities and principles to pursue. In this way, the testing chamber must be planned definitely and equipped for leading CASS salt shower test according to the International worldwide models.

CASS cum Salt Spray Chamber introduced by Presto Stantest is a very progressed and state administered testing answer for examining the consumption opposition of aluminum amalgams. It can likewise review the nature of covering and plating. It mimics the genuine Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test to test the aluminum combinations or plating. The chamber structure and development is done according to various worldwide test models, for example, ASTM B117, ASTM B368 – 09 and JIS Z 2371. With HMI based Touchscreen activity, and an ergonomic control board, the salt splash analyzer is anything but difficult to work. Remembering the simplicity of the client, control board and the principle testing chamber has a hole in the middle. Pneumatic shelter lift framework is prepared for smooth opening and shutting of the hood. Indeed, even while structuring the covering the edges are set in a route that amid the test the salt-loaded bead which sits in the divider are not dropped straight on the example set but rather will slide through the overhang point and enter a vacant space.

A water level pointer introduced in the salt shower chamber will tell you the definite amount the chamber has. Robotized leveller for Air saturator. Exclusive expectation test situating framework. Haze gathering channel which is kept outside the chamber to check whether within salt mist is framed well or not. In contrast to different chambers, it is kept outside so you don't have to open the chamber and aggravate within salt condition. Air cleanse framework introduced which is required to settle down within haze before opening the hood after test fulfilment. This keeps away from the spread of destructive air in the outside encompassing.