Packaging in Medical industry must be considered as essential as the therapeutic gadget itself. Its quality testing must be given equivalent consideration and ought not to be viewed as less important to anything. One of the fundamental testing standard utilized for quality confirmation testing is ASTM D 903. It is utilized for leading required tests utilizing peel-seal strength tester for medical packaging.


At the point when the quality testing of packing material is mentioned, the main stage that strikes many testing lab professionals is the mechanical testing procedures. It is the most essential and non-debatable piece of packaging testing. And when it is about the seal quality of sterile medical packing, it is imperative that it must be controlled because of the danger of getting contaminated and posture life risk in any sort of utilization.

Numerous medicinal products are put under sterilizing process before its packaging so they can be instantly used by medical professionals once opened. The seals utilized for this kind of packaging frequently include a flexible barrier which is linked to a high quality adhesive glue. To guarantee quality it is fundamental to test the seal quality with the goal that the therapeutic gadget remains sterile.


Seal quality estimation of the medical packaging can decrease the danger of such contamination. For similar purposes, it is likewise imperative to keep up a steady seal quality of the packaging over a quality uniform seal. The most eminent and prime testing standard utilized for leading the quality assessment of packing material is ASTM D 903 strategy.