Plastics enable manufacturers to ship more products with less packaging material. The light-weighting process plays an important role in promoting the environmental and economic efficiency of consumer product packaging. The PET bottles are used in production houses to fulfil the purpose of safe and easy packaging of beverages, liquids, drinks, edible oil etc.

The advantages of PET bottles in packaging industry are:

  • Delivers more beverage with less packaging. Almost two pounds of plastic delivers 999 ounces i.e. eight gallons of a beverage.
  • It makes food packaging more effective. Plastic jars use approximately 89% less material by weight than its glass counterpart. Plastic containers use almost 37% less material than same sized steel cans. Since they are lightweight, flexible packaging made from plastic uses 79% less material than old bag-in-box packages.
  • New innovations are coming up to make plastics become lighter and effective. A 2 litre plastic beverage bottle weighs 33% less than they used to in the 1970s.

The PET bottles undergo section weight analysis that is carried out to ensure the uniform distribution of the material in every section of the bottles. They are cut from top, cylinder and bottom to assure proper material distribution and uniform weight of all sections of a bottle with respect to the size and shape of the bottles. The bottle should be cut smoothly in various sections by not damaging the edges of the sections. This is destructive testing performed to test equal load division and even distribution to resist them from falling.

Section weight analysis is done to test the efficiency of each part of the bottle whether it can bear the load of the product or not. Hot Wire Bottle Cutter cuts the sample in multiple sections smoothly to detect equal weight distribution. It is a perfect machine to test the safety of the products that it contains. It contains a digital temperature controller to control the temperature and help to get stable and reproducible test results.

Some of the applications of PET Bottle Cutter are:

  • Aluminium bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Steel bottles
  • Glass bottles

Labtiger offers uniquely designed PET Bottle Cutter to simply the bottle cutting task. The machine includes an adjustable bottle finish holder to hold a comprehensive range of finishes excluding the need for unique tools. The adjustable supports hold the bottles in a fixed place at the time of cutting.

Some of the features are:

  • A cost-effective and consistent tool to cut the containers.
  • Provides sections for individual weight analysis.
  • Available in the two-wire and three-wire configuration.