In high altitudes, the air pressure surrounding the package reduces, causing it to swell from inside. This inflation put extra pressure on the seals and may damage them or cause them to burst. Hence, manufacturers producing flexible packages must conduct the right seal strength testing for high altitudes.

High Seal strength help to maintain the integrity of the package and protect the oxygen and moisture barrier that allows the food to stay fresh. Studies have shown that right amount of seal strength can help your packages survive altitudes of about 17,000 feet before exhibiting a leak and about 38,000 feet before rupturing completely.

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An appropriate seal strength also prevents necessary oils in the packaged product from leaking out through the seal areas. Oils that leak can leave a greasy texture on the package surface and stain it and any secondary packaging, compromising the consumer's experience and tarnishing a brand's reputation.

In order to satisfy the customer’s requirement of high seal strength, seal bond strength tester can be the perfect solution which can lead to your success.

The seal bond strength tester is one of the best testing instruments that helps the manufacturers in evaluating the seal bond strength of the flexible packages and ensure the best safety of the products. It is a highly recommended product for materials such as labels, BOP tapes, foils etc.

Key Features:

  • It functions at an angle of 1800.
  • There is an accuracy of ±2% is provided with the tester.
  • The equipment is provided with a unique feature of self-calibration.
  • The instrument has a very compact design that is best for laboratories where there is a shortage of space.
  • It also has a feature of storage memory.
  • It is also possible to test the sample at an angle of 900.
  • The instrument is provided with a calibration certificate which can be traced to any NABL laboratories. 
  • The jaw separation rate of the machine is 300mm per minute and a least count of 2 grams.
  • The equipment has an autumn grey and blue finish and is built upon a rigid metal plate for strong base and strength. There is also zinc plating provided with machine that makes it rust resistant

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