Adhesion is the bond strength evaluation of a coating to basic material. When an adhesive is bonded to material or any surface, various mechanical, chemical or physical forces are exerted that affect each other. A product before its usage needs to be tested. Any failure point should be determined to make the final use of the product and the adhesive. Some instances of adhesive materials are gels, creams, paints, varnishes etc. Bonding of various materials together with layers, all of which needs various adhesive test methods.

Peel strength test is performed to test the bond strength of material typically an adhesive. A peel test is conducted between two basic materials that are bonded together with an adhesive. Both the material can be flexible or one of them can be flexible or other may be rigid. The adhesive itself takes the form of a thin layer between two basic materials like the adhesive situated on the lower side of a piece of tape which is placed against a steel plate. Peel bond strength tester determines the adhesive strength of the material. The adhesive strength may be the stickiness of the material. It measures the resistance to separation from one another after application of the adhesive on the sample.

Peel Strength Tester is used in paper and packaging industries where self-adhesive substances like laminated, tapes are used for packing to assure the strength and quality of the products. The machine works by setting the sample at 90° or 180° angle. The device is useful to separate the adhesive at the rate of 300 mm per minute and provides the accuracy of ±2%. Seal Strength tester is manufactured according to industry norms that use optimum quality components to provide accurate and reproducible results.

Bond strength tester is available in both digital and computerised version with a load cell capacity of 20 kgf. The least count of the tester is 0.020 kgf. The test speed is 330mm per minute. The grip separation is 25mm to 300 mm. The equipment is successful to fulfil the requirements of numerous customers. It gives accurate results and has been designed as per ASTM D429-14, ASTM D903. The size of the machine is 61 x 51 x 124 cm. The net weight of the machine is 90 kg which can give 10 test reports that can be viewed simultaneously. It has inbuilt hardware CD having a digital display system.