PET Polymer is considerably, the best material known for manufacturing the bottle. This is because of the Durable strength PET material has, which is required for a reliable container. Also PET material are known to have no reactions with wide variety of chemicals which make them even more fit for use in the bottle manufacturing.

Bottles or containers used to carry pressurized beverages such as soda or soft drinks must exhibit strength to withstand the internal pressure caused on the surface of the container. Therefore, testing the PET bottles for their capacity of taking internal pressure is a vital thing to do. Equipment like Bottle Burst Tester is an ideal set up for the test procedure to conduct.

The beverage containers which are used for soda drinks must have the capacity to take the pressure on the internal surface. The soda pressure exerted on a poor material can easily lead to bursting out of the bottle and wastage of the content inside.  The equipments designed to test the burst capacity of bottles complies with international test standards such as ASTM C147-86 (2015). The standardization assures that the test results achieved from the machine will be acclaimed globally.      

Equipped with digital based display and operation. A separate pressure hold capacity recorded is equipped on the control area. On this one can observe the pressure amount and related modifications during the test process. Digital timer will display the test duration. A highly flexible test specimen clamping is allowed. Suitable for a variety of samples with different shape and sizes.