Carbon black is utilized in a wide variety of polymer sectors. For instance they are used in polyethylene pipe sector for conducting material identification as well as for surface protection. And also to maintain the physical and mechanical properties of the substance. A right Carbon Black Dispersion Test Apparatus can help users for monitoring the carbon black dispersion at microscopic level.

The test equipment is designed for estimating the carbon black dispersion in plastic materials. Its applications are renowned in the polymer industry. The hot plate which is a part of the apparatus is 8 inch in diameter. The temperature range is flexible in nature and can be adjusted from ambient to 200 degree Celsius. Along with the testing equipment, a 6 inch sized microscope is also delivered. The magnification strength of the microscope is 100x and 450x. The design of the tester complies with global testing standards such as IS 4984 and IS 4985.

The test is initiated by first melting down the plastic sample on hot plate using a specified temperature and then carefully observe the carbon black dispersion under microscope. The observed results can help the user to tune in the plastic material composition and fix the defects. The quality control measure is an important step to follow in polymer industry.

When we talk about the carbon dispersion assessment, it is very important that the instrument must be as per the international standards. The hot plate base must be suitable for melting the specimen. The microscope must be capable of providing required magnification.