Some materials show internal stresses that are subject to failure by bursting deformation. Improperly hardened glass is internally stressed to an extent that external forces such as applied when glass lenses are mounted in eyeglass frames which causes the lens to break. Heat and sonic sealing of transparent packagings like sterile medical product, plastic packaging and pharmaceutical create a stressed region in the seals. It can be seen when held between the lenses of the Polariscope. These stress regions are seen as patches or bands of color. A continuous color band across the seal shows seal through which contaminants enters the package. When a material is seen through Polariscope, the presence or lack of stress region should not be construed to be conclusively indicative of improper or proper heat treating or sealing. The Polariscope has not been set up as a conclusive analytical test instrument in these areas.

Strain Viewer is an instrument that measures the polarisation of light to examine substances in polarised light to determine stress and strain in glass and various other substances. It is used to detect stresses in glass and other transparent materials like synthetic resins, plastics etc. It comprises a light source and two crossed polarised lenses like Polaroid. The Polariscope light sources are fitted under one lens and powered by either self-contained batteries or external power source. The sample to be examined is placed between the two Polariscope lenses and viewed through the lens that is opposite the light source lens. Polariscope is manufactured in a configuration that varies from standard portable units, ordinarily carried in stock to instruments custom made for specific applications.

Any light source that emits a large number of photons of light oriented at random. These photons are light wave mixture linearly polarised in all possible directions. To use the Polariscope light source, this mixture of light waves are sorted put or linearly polarised in one specific direction. When light is incident on a polariser like Polaroid, linear light is transmitted. The natural and polarised light is used to identify the defect in the product. Several properties such as appearance, color, transparency, are tested using normal light. The same sample is tested under polarised light to assess defects such as strain distribution, low transparency etc.

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