Packaging lines must work at higher efficiency with least product wastage. Although the sealing process is largely automated, problems are created sometimes. To increase the production uptime, the sealing concerns must be rectified as soon as possible.

Seals on the packaging for foods such as cookies, potato chips, yogurt and cereals are tested for proper performance. Snack bags tear off instead of seal that causes the food to get damaged or spoilt. The seal should not be stronger than the material of the bag that is sealed together. To test this, peel testing is conducted by separating the seals to check the strength.

The peel test provides information to determine the sample material’s structural integrity when forces are exerted to it. Various forms of peel tests are used to measure the strength of an adhesive such as peel, tension, or shear tests. Peel Tests are applied on materials such as labels, coatings, tapes and various other bonded materials. The peel test results are expressed as a function of peel strength. Peel tests are determined at peel angles of 90° or 180° or in a T-peel configuration.


In Peel Strength Tester, the ends of the T-peel are placed in grips and the sample is separated at a programmed test speed. The test procedure includes loading the extremes of the sample into opposing tensile grips. Grips are pulled apart at a uniform rate of speed all through the length of the sample approximately 9 inches. Peak load value and average load per unit width of the bond are recorded for further analysis.

Peel bond Strength Tester is an important testing machine used to test the adhesion strength of several packaging materials. Manufacturers use BOP tapes, pressure sensitive tapes etc. to check the peel adhesion.

Specifications are:

  • Adjustable height of 1.8m
  • Load up to 50kg
  • Sample weight can range up to 50kg
  • The dimension of the sample mounting table is 465 * 445mm
  • Two types of tests are performed i.e. Straight Drop and Angular Drop
  • Adheres to standards of IS:7028 Pt IV
  • The maximum Drop height is 1800mm
  • The minimum Drop height is 750mm

Labtiger uses this testing instrument that is assembled in compliance with international standards like ISO, BIS, ASTM etc. Seal Strength tester measures the quality of the seal to provide protection to the product from its external environment. Any food laboratory that wants to be competitive uses this instrument to test the consistency of the product and the integrity of the packaging.