Muffle furnace is a major part of industrial Quality Assurance. They are commonly used for its capacity to generate high temperature which can turn specimen into ashes. However, with rising technology one must turn up to new generation machinery which is way better in accuracy and technology. Presto Stantest brings you a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and precision testing.


Muffle Furnace - Prima Series is a high-technology based chamber specifically designed to determine ash content percentage in a particular material. Ash content here signifies the inorganic component of a material. Also used for heat treatment, resolution process, and inspecting reactions at high temperature. Suitable for testing plastic parts or components, paint or coating material. Benchtop model with HMI based touchscreen program.

Equipped with highly developed SSR heaters and insulators for delivering perfect heating conditions required as per test standards. It also ensures a uniform temperature throughout the chamber. It has renowned application in the field of Medical & Scientific Research, agriculture, industrial testing, metal heat treatment, and ash determination. Equipped with J-type sensors for accurate temperature detection. Advanced PLC control installed for temperature management. The entire chamber is covered with high-grade density Glass Wool Blanket for uniform insulation. Real-time test data can be observed on display screen with high-precision recording. USB option is also present for downloading test data. One can also see the test results in the form of a Runtime vs temperature graph. Overheating alarm system also installed in the chamber for safety purpose.


The touchscreen program of Muffle Furnace allows the user to set test parameters easily and set repeatable test cycles. It has become very much easy for an operator to use and manage the equipment with just a click. The prima series furnace is designed with advanced mode test programs which can deliver improved test procedure.

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