A packaging system in pharmaceutical may generally include plastic, glass and metals. Irrespective of the material, the product is in constant contact with the packing. Be it transit, storage or manufacturing, it is very important that packing material should retain the originality of the basic component. If the packing is affecting the quality of the product in one way or other, this raises the safety concerns. According to the test standards, the packaging company must understand the safety norms and materials to be used should pass the appropriate test methods.

  • If the packaging material to be used is plastic, it should be well noted that it is intended to use in this application. The material should show the relevant behaviour and performance requirements when used in designing for packaging of the drug.
  • Pharmaceutical plastic packaging comprises of two components; Primary Components and Secondary Components.
  1. Primary packaging components: This form is used directly used to pack the product and remain in contact until the drug is consumed.
  2. Secondary packaging components: Packings used for storage and transportation of primary packing, like corrugated cartons. This form is quite ignorant in terms of quality and reliability. However, the sanity of primary packing largely depends on secondary form.

How is the testing system changing the face commercially?

You must have seen companies boasting off their products qualifying ‘n’ numbers of the test. This one line simply impresses the customer in the first instance. Despite no knowledge about testing process and standards, the customer is getting magnetically attracted towards quality tested products. And, all companies including pharmaceutical are cashing on this. However, to claim to be quality tested, they have to invest huge money to get the perfect laboratories first.

Plastic testing instruments are widely popular among pharmaceutical packings. Instruments like, thickness gauge testing, bottle burst tester, tensile and compressive strength tester are commonly used. The point here is, how to use these instruments efficiently. Getting a skilled labour to do the task is not merely enough. The quality manager has to understand that cost of product failure. How it could impact the brand reputation. And being a health care industry, due to faulty packing the composition disturbances can create serious consequences. Packings like PET jars, blister packings, polymer bags etc, undergo a stringent testing process to avoid any product failure at any stage. The information laid down on pharmaceutical packing is equally important. It should not fade off due to physical conditions or climatic conditions.

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