Iron sheets are a valuable asset for various manufacturing industries. They are preferred by manufacturers for constructing products, components, and parts. The only danger to the sheets is its corrosive nature. However, good quality coating and specified amount of thickness can save their surface from corrosion for a long time.

It is very important to see that the iron sheets have a particular thickness of coating layer, not less and not more than that. To ensure this, one can take help of coating thickness measurement instruments. There are two methods which are suitable - destructive and non-destructive.

The destructive mode requires cutting of the sheet and measuring the thickness using calipers. This can result into incorrect values and also material loss. However, non-destructive methods not only assures accurate measurement but also eliminate material damage.

Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous is a coating thickness measuring gauge. It uses non-destructive technique to evaluate the coating thickness of ferrous substrate. Suitable for non-magnetic coating material such as paint, rubber, plastic etc. Uses eddy current method as its working principle. It is delivered in a compact industrial carrying case along with set of 5 calibration foils and disks. Lead measuring probe also a part of the delivery. User can perform single or multiple point calibration. Equipments offers a thickness range of 0-1250 Microns.

To measure the coating thickness of iron sheet, user just need to place the gauge over the surface and can see a digital based read out for thickness. It is suggested to perform repeatable testing to achieve accuracy in test results.