Many packaging materials whose constituents are either paper or pulp, has a tendency to absorb water. It reduces the strength of packing and hampers the product packaged inside. So, using such materials for packaging needs checking of water absorbance and retention capacity. Cobb value is determined to assess the property of the material to absorb water.

Because of the strength, Kraft paper is used in many industrial and commercial applications. The material is widely used in packaging operations for wrapping, packing, bundling and void fill. Kraft paper is also used as load binders between layers of palletised products. Kraft papers are choice of many packaging due to its strength. It is durable and can bear industrial pressure to protect materials. They have anti-slip Kraft paper between layers of boxes, bags and various other materials that reduce breakage and protects the products being shipped. To check the water absorption quality of this paper, a testing instrument must be used. Cobb sizing tester is the test instrument that measures the Cobb value of corrugated board or paper.

Kraft paper due to its qualities is used in multiple applications such as paper sack for cement, chemical powders, food, grocery bag etc. All these applications are distinct from each other but they need material to be of better quality especially its absorptiveness. Each application requires various level of absorption quality. So, it is important for the manufacturers to satisfy the requirement using standardised equipment such as Cobb Sizing Tester.

To check the absorption factor, Cobb value of Kraft paper is measured. The Cobb value is required to maintain its value in the paper material to check the strength and quality. The test is designed for papers having a thickness of 0.1 mm and reveals the amount of water a specific paper sample absorbs at a given time.

The Water Absorption Tester for corrugated boards and paper consists of a round shaped steel platform base having a cylindrically shaped barrel with a cork in the base of it. The sample is cut from the paper material which must be of accurate shape and size. The weight of the testing sample being 0.1gm.

It is a simple machine used to detect water absorption or Cobb value of a material. It is used to check the quality of various forms of corrugated paper, cardboard, and fibreboard. It is well known for its easy to use design and fast testing. It adheres to standards such as TAPPI-T441, IS 1060.