Plastic heat treatment process is required to conduct in various industries for making the plastic components tough and reduce the chances of crack development during further manufacturing process.  However, it is also a criteria for material categorization. The process can help in assessing thermal and mechanical properties of polymer and categorize it as per the quality it exhibit. An ideal Laboratory Hot air oven standardized for heat analysis procedures must be used for the process.

The Oven is specially designed to perform dry heat analysis procedures on plastic materials. It can ascertain the actual working life of the material in increasing heat conditions. Suitable for processes like heat treatment, annealing, heat assessment, sterilization etc. The oven is insulated using high-grade insulate material throughout the body. The temperature is controlled using corrosion resistant PT 100 sensor for precise and accurate test results. In heat treatment process, the most vital step is the heat management, too high or too low temperature can lead to test failure or process malfunctioning.

German imported fan are installed for uniform heat regulation inside the chamber. It has been seen that due to improper heating process, the plastic material which is to be treated loses its quality eventually. Therefore, it is necessary that the heating must be applied equally to the specimen. Glass wool insulation secures the inside heat conditions with zero temperature loss.

Equipped with advanced mode features like microprocessor based PID temperature controller and Digital based display screen for reading test data. Using inbuilt calibration facility one can, auto-tune the oven as per requirement. Digital operation section allow user to set PV and SV values for the test process.