Packaging plays an important role in keeping quality of the products. One of the major parts of packaging is its printing and coating that gives information to the users. The labels attached to the packaging contains brand identity, expiry date, logo, company name etc. Even after making ultra-super products but it fails in focussing on packing that repels the customer’s focus. Low quality of packing does not provide 100% protection and becomes a reason for rejection.

Sophisticated and modern testing instruments make these products of high quality with improved packings. Labels go through the testing procedure before its approval. So, it becomes the responsibility of manufacturers to test the resistance and keep information intact.

Scuff Resistance Tester is a testing instrument used widely by all packaging industries. It ensures labels are tested from this machine, are resistant against rubbing. It checks other packaging materials such as magazine covers, printing on keypads, brochures etc. It is a useful and efficient machine to help measure the rigidity of printed, polished and painted materials to resist abrasion.

The procedure of this test includes two samples of the same materials are fixed on a clamp on the machine facing each other. The user sets the number of rotations and the number of load applied to the sample. The test starts with the base of the tester rotating while the bottom part remains stationery. After constant rubbing, the sample may or may not abrade which depends on the quality of the label and its printing.

Labtiger offers sophisticated Scuff Tester for testing labels. It is a unique testing device to check color transfer from printed or coated material against scuffing. It tests the color transfer when one surface is rubbed against other when subjected to constant rubbing under a specified load. The equipment complies with international testing standards for its acceptance worldwide.

Applications are:

  • Measures rub proofs of printed paper, board, carton package
  • Handles glossy papers and magazine
  • Synthetic mover
  • The resistance to inks on printed films and leather materials
  • Standards are BS 3110, ASTM F2497-05


  • Keep the test sample on the base of the device with the printed surface in an upward direction
  • Apply a load of 2 psi on the sample
  • A particular number of strokes are set from the control panel
  • The sample is inspected to evaluate any type of ink transfer