Food packaging or medicines if not packaged properly reflects poorly on the producers. In today’s food and beverage industries, cleanliness and compliance with international standards are important to achieve food standards. So, high-performance and durable sealing solutions are essential to meet the goals and stop contamination. 90% of the packaging is done using thermal contact processes. At the time of these processes, the packaged goods can sometimes get into the joint and sealing may not be proper. Manufacturers need to check it on the spot to identify the packaging faults. As these incorrectly sealed products end up on supermarket and can hamper the product quality resulting in bringing a bad reputation to the manufacturers.

Hot Tack tester PRIMA series is the device used to check the seal strength of the packets. The sealing process is decided on the basis of the type of food products. Sealing depends on the filling process as the manufacturers face the problem of breaking of seals while filling. The heat seal property is the index to measure the performance of packaging materials. Using hot tack test, the user can decide the minimum heat seal parameters for the packaging materials which is an effective method to reduce the packaging process.

Hot tack strength is the force to break the seal when it is still hot. Hot tack testing provides a minimum sealing temperature at which the hot tack strength is required.  

Hot Tack tester Procedure

  • Utilized for testing Heat Sealing of Packages
  • Cut the sample using hot tack tester template which has dimensions designed as per the standard testing procedure.
  • Now the sample is ready to be tested.
  • Clamp both the ends of the sample strip using knobs. It can be tightened as per requirement.
  • Switch on the main button and Input the testing parameters using the touchscreen display. Set the sealing dwell time, and temperature for left and right dwell.
  • And from the Test Mode option begin the test
  • The seal is stretched from both clamped ends and live testing data can be seen on screen

Hot Tack tester PRIMA series measures hot tack performance of plastic films used in packaging of various food products like drugs, milk powder etc. It can be used to measure the peel strength of adhesive tapes and various other applications such as peel strength of magnetic cards, force to open bottle caps etc.