While preparing the products for delivery, the most important and top of all is the information data printed on the product including the company logo, the constituents, the user information etc. But often due to prolong storage or during shipment the printed details are scuffed. The term scuffing means rubbing of two materials against each other. As a result of scuffing, the information printed gets removed and lead to loss of user interest and lack of required information to use that product. Hence, to improve the print durability it is vital to use a proficient scuff resistance tester.

How shipment damages printed information?

Consumer products, as well as industrial goods such as machinery, electronics, and equipment, all tend to face damages in the supply chain. For consumer packaged goods, these damages result in reduced shelf availability and loss of sales. Among various shipment issues, scuffing is the one common issue reported by the end consumers.

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The surface damage occurs because of the repetitive vibration from the direct pack to pack contact during road or air shipment. It results in a damaged printed surface, but in severe instances, abrasion or scuffing can result in punctures and leakage too. The products commonly at risk are those which have exposed labels and the thin-walled metal beverage containers.

Scuff resistance tester evaluating print durability

Labtiger Scuff Resistance Tester rubs two printed surfaces of the product against each other in the same plane to produce scuffing in a controlled manner under a constant rubbing pressure. It can be utilized in paper & packaging industries to evaluate the scuff resistance of the printed or coated surfaces during shipment. It is designed and produced according to ASTM Standard and measures the number of double strokes needs to cause fuzz and peel.

With the help of scuff resistance tester, the manufacturers can easily ensure the top quality of printed products to the clients.

Few USP features are as follows:

  • Motorized weight arrangement on the sample for zero noise working conditions.
  • Highly accurate test results under uniform load and specified movement.
  • Uniform load by weights on test sample for evenness in testing.
  • Provision of a set number of counts through the digital preset counter.
  • The firm hold of the test specimen by using circular clips/clamps.
  • Accurate RPM of upper rotating discs using the synchronous motor.
  • User-friendly electronic controls and ergonomically designed features.
  • Adjustable footrest for leveling.

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