Nowadays with increasing use of corrugated boxes almost in every industries, the competition has become tough. The costumer’s standard requirement has been increasing day by day. Now they don’t only want a quality delivery in time but also they dig deeper to know what technologies have been used for manufacturing the product, is any quality control has been conducted over material selection or not. Therefore, conducting standardized quality assurance became the sole responsibility of every corrugated manufacturers to conduct quality test using Box compression tester.

For conducting a quality assurance process, there are three major steps to follow, detection of the weakening aspect, remove it from the production process, and observe the later production. These steps were not seen to achieve some years back in the corrugated box industry but with high technology and advanced software based equipments, it is possible to follow a standard quality control and that too with high accuracy.

The box compression tester is a proficient testing equipments used for evaluation the compression load at which a corrugated box initiate buckling. Have a strong rugged structure and base. Equipped with a base test platform and compression plate. Complied with ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212 test standards. Have a microprocessor based digital control along with a LED screen to take a view of test results. The testing data can be seen live while the test is running. Smooth movement of compression plate with pneumatic control. 

Uniform compression force can be assured with load sensor installed with the plate. It helps the equipment to distribute the applied compressive force equally to entire test area. Over travel of plate is protected. Twin column structure for better test performance. Upward and downward limit switches to set movement limitations as per test requirements.