Bringing better-tasting and, more importantly, safe drinking water to your home became easier than you think because of the rising water delivery industry. Bottled water delivered to home not only save your precious time but also ensures the safety of your family with filtered and sealed water filled in a strong and compact container. To cover the distances from the bottling plant to our doorsteps, the bottles face transportation exertion and load which can damage its quality and may contaminate the liquid inside. Hence, it is important that the jars carrying the drop of life inside must be tested for its compression strength. This is why top-load testing holds huge importance in evaluating the quality of water jars.

Importance of top load testing in liquid containers

In order to calculate the compression strength of liquid containers or jars, a proficient top load tester must be utilized. It essentially involves applying a downwards compression to measure resistance to crushing of a container.

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The top load testing instrument ensures that the liquid containers must meet requirements for applied axial load during:

  • Production – bottles must withstand the stresses of filling and closure.
  • Storage and display – When the containers are stacked at some point, in both empty and filled states it must withstand the prolong load applied.
  • Transport - Major strain is frequently experienced when the liquid jars are subject to movement especially when other products are placed on top.

Manufacturers can experience various negative impacts if they do not administer their product to a standard top load test. Few examples of such negative experience can be leakage, breakage or wastage, high product return rates, loss of income and environmental impact.

Labtiger presents a high standard & accurate top load tester which is specially designed for quality testing of PET jars and is used in PET manufacturing industries for quality assurance testing.

The instrument is provided with a pair of inverted concave jaws and is highly accurate. It is equipped with a load cell sensor which has the feature of in-house calibration. The instrument is strictly compliant with all the Indian and international standards.

USPs of the load testing machine:

  • Inverted straight plates for zero slip gripping support which ensure accurate testing.
  • Digital Display for accuracy and repeatability of the test.
  • Option for user to switch off the machine in case of excess buckling of the test specimen.
  • Overload safety feature equipped for the safe working environment.

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