PET bottles are the most renowned product and are preferred by most of the packaging industries to fulfill their requirements. It can be utilized for various type of products but are majorly known for packaging of pharmaceutical products, edible items, beverages, chemicals etc. The reason behind PET products’ popularity is its non-reactive nature towards almost all form of chemicals. This feature alone makes the PET packaging, the foremost choice of many manufacturers. When so many of people are getting their hands on the PET bottle for its packaging needs, it is vital for PET manufacturers to assure its high quality by conducting an accurate section weight analysis using Hot wire bottle cutter.


Conducting quality testing on PET bottles is an important procedure in any manufacturing unit as a good quality packaging will ensure the safety of the contents within. There are various properties which must be evaluated such as wall thickness, transparency, strain distribution and base clearance, etc. In this section, we are focusing on the section weight analysis of bottle. For this purpose, a highly accurate bottle cutting machine is utilized. It provides the best technique to cut the PET containers or bottles into distinct sections in order to compute the weight of each section of the bottle separately. The instrument is built by using kanthal wires which can cut the bottle firmly without deforming the shape.

To conduct the test, a sample of PET bottle must be placed on the testing machine and are strong clamped using the bottle-neck holder. When the wires become red hot, the device will cut the bottle into three different sections in order to evaluate the sections appropriately.

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Labtiger’s hot wire bottle cutter is a precisely designed instrument for conducting section weight analysis of bottles. It is equipped with steel scales to set the distance between the cutting wires, two adjustable kanthal wires to cut the bottles into three distinct sections and a temperature controller to set the heating temperature of the wires as per the material requirement. It is equipped with strong clamping holder for zero slip gripping support to the testing specimen. It comes with user-friendly controls to offer easy operations.

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