A seal is a significant part of flexible packaging industry, and is used in numerous different types of packaging. Fixing of packages is typically done by utilizing a sealing agent. When fixing is finished, there are distinctive elements to consider like sealing time, drying time, seal quality and so forth. On the off chance that the drying time is too high, there are chances that seals may flop even before entire drying of the seal.

To control the nature of the seal, distinctive tests are performed. Peel quality or bond quality test is normally performed. In any case, there is one critical testing instrument, which is renowned for such test and that is hot tack tester. In this test, the quality of seal is checked when it isn't dried totally. This guarantees the seal does not fail in the production line.

This test must be performed utilizing this testing machine. This is a government sanctioned testing hardware in which a seal is joined first and isolated instantly. It helps in estimating the limit of glues to shape the security with the surface of another material when it interacts with the substrate. This test is imperative in filling line of the flexible packages.

It is vital to check the seal quality in light of the fact that, in the filling line, the substance are filled promptly in the bundle once it is fixed from the one side. Now of time, the bundle ought to have the capacity to tolerate the heaviness of the materials, be it light or overwhelming. The seal ought not to flop as it is as of now outlined according to the proposed application.