The corrugated fibre board has been a multi-industry packaging material, especially for secondary and tertiary packaging sections. It is preferred in a wide range of industries due to its huge list of characteristics. It is light weighted, flexible, easy convertible, available in different varieties of flutes etc. Moreover, it can be kept flat when not in use and erected as per requirement hence require less space when not utilized. It delivers strength in low and medium weight packaging segment. It is appealing and soft surface offering ease in surface decoration and recyclability.  All these properties make this material versatile. Among all these features, flute profile has always been considered less important but the fluting paper is actually a major parameter responsible for the edge crush and flat crush strength in corrugated fibre boards. These strength properties can be tested using an accurate Edge crust tester.

The Fluting Profile

The corrugated container and its related inner packaging are multifunctional. It is used for wrapping, enclosing, protecting, cushioning, indexing, stacking and displaying. The basic function of packaging is to protect the product during distribution until the product is removed from the package. To deliver such strength the properties of fluting profile is the most important part. Fluting medium in the corrugated board is like bracings in a truss. It should have just enough strength to connect both the liners without buckling or stretching. The main strength of corrugated board, however, comes from the liners. Perhaps this is the reason why recycled fibres are used for making fluting medium.

Importance of ECT & FCT

ECT is the correct measure of the box performance. Research has shown that ECT of the specimen in combination with bending stiffness directly correlates with the BCT. Flat crush is a measure of the flute rigidity of the corrugated board. A high crush value indicates a combination of good flute formation and at least adequate strength medium. ECT is shown to be the primary criterion for measurement of the protective capacity of containers although in some countries flat crush strength has been specified for its classification for the board. However, generally in paper mills material not suitable for the liner is used for manufacturing fluting medium. Hence, conducting ECT & FCT test using a proper machine is a must.

Edge crush tester presented by Labtiger is a proficient and highly accurate testing machine for investigating the ECT value of corrugated sheets. Equipped with an advanced level of features, it delivers precise test results. It complies with IS 7063.

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