Corrugated boxes have taken the national and International market by storm. Their eco friendliness, versatility and robustness have made them the ideal packaging solution for small as well as large scale industries. In India also, corrugated manufacturing industry is on all-time high. The growth in the retail sector and change in lifestyles of people have resulted in high demand for boxes across all corner of the world. They are considered as the safest and reliable mode of packaging. This type of packaging is necessary not only for shipping purpose but is also required for storing of material and for safe transportation of fragile as well as non-fragile products.

Since the demand for corrugated boxes is on the rise, the manufacturers are finding it really hard to fulfil each and every requirement within specified duration. They are also under extreme pressure of conducting stringent and meticulous quality checks on the manufactured boxes. These checks are necessary to ensure the utmost safety of the packed product. If the delivered boxes do not meet the set quality standards or there is any kind of deformity in them, it can result in rejection at client’s end. A defected batch can damage the company’s reputation in the market, which can also lead to a loss of potential customers. In order to ensure the best quality of the box and avoid any rejection, Labtiger has launched a highly sophisticated Box Compression Tester machine in the market. This device is used for determining the compression strength and stacking capability of corrugated boxes.

Benefits of using a Box Compression Testing Machine

We know that corrugated boxes are the most reliable and major packaging medium used for decreasing the damage on the internal product. They are used in every industrial sector for shipping and storing of the manufactured goods. But, when they are shipped or transported, they are stacked on top of each other. This stacking procedure can put a lot of pressure on the boxes, which can also lead to their deformity and compression.  The Box Compression Tester can be used by manufacturers to determine these deformities and ensure maximum safety of the packed item. The compression test performed by this machine helps in making important changes in the production process of corrugated boxes so that their robustness and strength could be increased.

Standard Test Procedure

The compression strength can be evaluated by compressing a filled or empty corrugated box at a persistent rate, between two steel plates. The plates are parallel to each other and they are moved with the help of motorised arrangement.  The box can be analysed with the help of visual inspection.  In addition, this test gives us the indication of a corrugated box’s performance during stacking & transportation.