Coating industry is constantly updating its techniques to produce more corrosion resistant paint and coatings. However, it will not work only with innovating coating methods or generating improved enamels. Manufacturers must also work on the quality control methods. Coating biggest issue focused by customers is the corrosion resistance of the coating product.

The question has been changed how long the coating will be resistant to coating to what test standard has been used and which test equipment? How much accuracy can we take form the test results? In shadow of these queries, one must find out the answer to the ideal corrosion test equipment for coating. ASTM B117 is the most commonly used test standard for coating corrosion test. The equipment used to conduct the test process is called as Salt spray chamber. There are many machine in the market who follow the ASTM and other test standards to deliver accurate results but to which extent?

An ideal test chamber must has its every inch of design as per the test standards. Starting from the Canopy angle to the outer body construction everything. The canopy angle of the chamber must be designed in a way that the produced salt vapours when stick to the wall of the canopy never falls back on the sample form top.

Rather it should roll down side wise to the chamber. The outer body must deliver high amount of insulation to avoid any sort of heat or temperature loss during the test, as this can disturb the inside environment. The fog collection centre must be situated outside the chamber so that one can limit the number of opening the system and disturb the corroded conditions.

These are few things but there are a list of such factors to be noted. Before purchasing the test chamber, kindly carefully notice that to which extent it promises you to deliver precise test results.