Ash content determination is a vital procedure followed in various industrial labs and also in research labs. The process evaluates the amount of inorganic substance in a particular product. The test follows the fact that if amount of inorganic substance increases the set value, it may lead damage to the product or the consumer. Hence it is essential to conduct the test using a highly precise and standardized machinery.

Muffle Furnace is a highly proficient test chamber which is renowned for its use in ash content determination. It can precisely detect the ash percentage present in a substance. The ash content defines the amount of inorganic substance inside the substance. Manufacturer of Plastic or any other material, add a specific amount of inorganic constituent in the product for desired performance but while addition the amount can vary due to any reason. The ash test can determine exactly how much amount has been added in the product. The equipment is suitable for elastomers and some food products even.

 Muffle furnace is a bench top model which allow the user ease of access. Equipped with J-type sensor (K type sensor also available as per use) for sensing temperature accurately. The sensors also let the user set temperature parameter to precise values. The chamber assures uniform heating conditions with equally spread temperature inside. PID control technology installed for temperature management. High-grade insulation delivered with Imported Glass wool blanket insulated material throughout the chamber interiors.


This deliver maximum amount of thermal efficiency during the test process. SSR based heaters are equipped for high performance heating. Have a 7 segment display screen along with bright LED lights for clear vision in low light conditions.  The display will allow the user to observe and record test data. The equipment has an accuracy level of ± 5°C with a resolution of 1°C. Delivers a temperature range from Ambient to 900°C (up to 1400°C feature is also available on request).