There are distinctive parameters on which a ridged fiber board is a quality tried. A decent board ought to have high blasting quality, gives a decent pad to the pressing, and ought to have high opposition against physical effects and enduring conditions. In spite of the fact that, Edge squash test, for example ECT is prevalently performed. It easy to perform test as well as can be substituted for Box pressure test. In this test, the crude material that will be utilized for the generation is a test preceding use in the creation cycle. While, in BCT, a final result is tried. Also, BCT is a dangerous test. This test educates a ton concerning the stacking capacity when put away in a distribution center or amid travels


In paper and bundling industry, Edge Crush Tester is the most ordinarily utilized testing machine. Since, years, this test outcome has been acknowledged worldwide to decree the crate quality. In this test, an example is readied, ideally square or square shape and made to stand edgewise while corrugators are opposite to the level pivot. A predefined load is connected to see the conduct of the example.

Test readiness is an exceptionally pivotal part of this test. The example must be perfect, cut accurately according to measurement characterized, with no deformation. In the event that the example arranged is harmed preceding testing, it will crumple rashly and does not give precise test outcomes. There are numerous formulae characterized in the measures that can be utilized to determine the container pressure test esteems by utilizing the watched estimations of ECT. Subsequently, this is a helpful method to avoid the pulverize test for a container as BCT can be effectively determined from ECT.

Utilizing the qualities saw from ECT, the stacking tallness can be effectively assessed alongside the heaviness of the container. Different elements like pressing viability, inward backings, dampness, the length of capacity and stacking techniques can be utilized to additionally improve the estimation for inferring smash quality of a container.

With the assurance of progressively exact outcomes with ECT, it has been favored over the blasting test. Particularly in ventures like footwear, ECT has totally supplanted the Burst test as containers were fizzling regardless of breezing through the tests. ECT gives a sufficient of data about the conduct of the crate continuously working conditions. Burst test is unfit to decide the continuance of the creased fiber sheets. Therefore, presto is happy to perceive how Edge Crush Tester is being embraced by ventures for creating solid reports.