PET bottles which are used for storing edible fluids such as drinking water, carbonated beverages, fruit juice etc. are manufactured through an easy and low production cost process i.e. injection or blow moulding. Due to its low-cost production, the material of the bottles is prone to sudden physical damages when subjected to stress such as drop impact. Hence, for a quality product, the manufacturer must calculate the drop impact resistance in PET bottles and deliver best material for production.

What is Drop Impact Resistance Test?

When a PET bottle falls from a particular height, it is not possible to predict the damage it will face. Whether it gets deformed or break down completely or it will survive the drop. To evaluate the drop resistance strength, you must actually drop the bottle from the distinct level of height and observe its behaviour. To conduct this test in a controlled manner and to get accuracy in the testing results Bottle Drop tester is widely used. 

Drop impact resistance test of fluid-filled Pet bottles fall into a category of strongly coupled fluid-structure interaction problems due to the comparable stiffness of the bottles and its liquid content. Therefore, an accurate simulation and successful prediction of PET bottle behavior must include some kind of liquid-container interaction model coupled with a failure model of the bottle material. This test examines the behavior of fluid filled bottles under drop impact.

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The Bottle Drop tester is widely used and is popular in PET & Preform industry for evaluating the quality and the drop impact resistance of the PET Bottles when subjected to a drop from a certain height under a particular amount of pressure.

Labtiger, a renowned manufacturer of testing instruments worldwide, offers high-quality of bottle drop tester for PET bottles. It is the best-known instrument to evaluate the strength of bottles to avoid any deformation when dropped from a certain height. It has a provision with angular drop arrangement to help accurately ascertain the free-falling drop worthiness of the bottles from all required angles. The drop carriage is accelerated straight downwards imparting no rotational forces and ensuring flat drop. Drop tester is widely used in various industries to test and to judge the potency of plastic bottles.

Few important USPs of bottle drop tester:

  • Provision to lift up test platform by a guide mechanism.
  • Drop Height adjustable clamp.
  • Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a single Instrument.
  • Strong Base Plate with Rugged structure.

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