With the penetration of internet and tv in our lives, a human being looks for different ways to communicate. Everybody has his own style. We look out for different ways to express ourselves through our clothing, hairstyle, walls and many other things. As people are becoming creative, they’ve become experimental with the colour choices. Thus, the colour palette is growing vast very speedily.

In everyday life, we have ample of colour choices to make. From our clothing options to apparels, to crockery to stationary, furniture, car and what not! And as the choices are growing so as the challenge of paint colour measurement is increasing. The manufacturers are fighting hard to bring in the new choices, the uniformity in the range and accuracy in the measurement. In this industry, there is no room for guesswork. Paint industry understands number, they don’t understand the colour explanations. This is why paint industry needs the high-tech instruments to make the colour measurements.

Why is colour measurement important?

Irrespective of applications, paint industry has a challenge of supplying the colour which was shown on catalogues, digital mediums or print ads. A layman doesn’t understand the terminology of a colour manager. He only believes what he is perceiving and every person has a different perception. In his perception, there are many contributing factors like surrounding lights, his vision, surface texture etc. To make him understand the colour disparity and similarity, numbers would do the job. This is why colour quantification is becoming an important aspect in the paint industry. This has put an end to the guessing.

Spectrophotometer for colour measurement 

Spectrophotometers are being used in different industries since ages. Due to the level of precision it delivers, it became a reliable tool in different industries. It basically works on the principle of spectrophotometry. It is equipped with an incident light which is made to fall on the colour sample that is to be measured. The incident light is absorbed by the chemical and the intensity of the light is measured by the detector that is coming back. So far, it is one of the most reliable methods of colour measurement.


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