Pharmaceutical companies often deal with the challenge of increasing the shelf life of their products. For that, they are primarily focussing on improving the quality of the packings. Drugs are always advised to be stored in cool and dry place. Why? Because, with time, moisture and oxygen somehow penetrate into the packing. This deteriorates the quality of the solid drugs. To understand and determine the right packaging can be very challenging. A strategic approach is required to pack the drugs in a way so that environmental conditions don’t impact the quality. Accelerated packaging testing instruments are popularly being used in pharmaceutical companies. These instruments simulate a real working condition to assess the behaviour of the packing.

Apart from packing, pharmaceutical companies are worried about their printing process as well. As crucial information like the composition of the drug, expiration date etc. is printed on the labels. The information should not fade off before reaching the intended user or during storage. This is why labels are also an important component of the good packing in pharmaceutical companies. There are different testing machines that could test the shelf life of the labels, like scuff resistance tester.

A good packing should have following features:

  • The packing should keep the content intact without any leakage, spillage and permeation.
  • The packing should keep the content safe from environmental conditions like air, light and moisture
  • It should not allow the penetration of gases
  • It should be able to bear the physical stress, shock during transportation and handling.
  • The packing can be easily handled by the intended user while assuring the safety of the products packed inside.
  • The packing materials should not diffuse any components into the drugs.
  • Packing should protect the components from bacterial attack and reproduction of spores.
  • The packing material should be cost effective without any compromise in the quality.
  • Packing can be easily be identified from the rest.
  • Packing should not absorb the materials from the surroundings.
  • Packing should have air tight seals.
  • The closure should be compatible with the preparation.

To ensure the product stability, the testing machines play an important role to ascertain the behaviour. Putting the samples in simulated conditions helps in measuring the penetration of moisture and humidity with an ease. Presto’s packaging testing instruments offers a wide range to check the effect of different conditions on the drugs. The operators would get real time results to validate the packaging integrity.