The market is flooded by different types of packaging materials, but a corrugated box is the only material that provides the maximum level of versatility and safety to the customer. It can be customised as per different requirements of the customers. This is the real advantage of using a corrugated box because a need can be diverse and the packaging solution should also be able to meet this varied requirement.  They are highly demanded due to their recyclability, light weight and convenient handling while packaging, loading and unloading. Moreover, the raw material used for manufacturing corrugated boxes is also inexpensive, which makes them very economical as compared to other materials available in the market.

Corrugated Boxes are manufactured from linerboards and fluted paperboards to provide support, protection as well as cushion to the packed material. Therefore, they are used for storing and transporting breakable products like glass, crockery etc.  Due to their high demand across different industrial verticals, many manufacturers work day in and day out to meet client’s requirement within promised duration. Some manufacturers ignore to check the quality of the developed product due to strict delivery schedule and there are others who do it due to lack of efficient testing machines.  In order to meet the testing requirements of quality conscious manufacturers, Labtiger is offering a sophisticated Drop Tester machine at very affordable price. This test is performed to evaluate the effect of rough handling during storage or transportation.

The Drop Testing Procedure

Nobody wants to pack a product in a box which cannot gives the surety for safe transit to the buyer’s end. To ensure utmost safety of a packed product, a drop testing machine is introduced in the market by Labtiger. It is used for determining the impact resistance ability of corrugated boxes. A drop test replicate the realistic circumstances encountered during shipment. It stimulates the freefall of box on its surfaces, edges and corners. To conduct this test, a box is loaded with items and dropped on the edges, faces and corners, a total of ten different drops are performed from a defined height. After completing the test, the package is opened for evaluation. It is acceptable if there is no damage to the product and it gets rejected if the item is in damaged condition.

What Features are offered in Labtiger’s Drop Tester Machine?

  • The machine offers high accuracy level
  • Its height can be adjusted as per requirement
  • It is manufactured according to IS : 7028 Part IV standard
  • It comes with a conformance certificate