All of us have used adhesive tapes to wrap gifts and many other items.  They are the most common and widely used household article used for packaging.  There are different varieties of tapes available in the market such as duct tape, masking tape, gummed paper tape, electrical tape, etc.  These tapes are used for wide range of applications in electrical, automotive, construction, industrial, electrical and healthcare sectors. Then there are reflective tapes that are applied on roads to increase the visibility at night and provide critical guidance in construction zones.  Some students use tapes to highlight important pages in their book. Moreover, they are also used for hanging posters to walls and for bonding plastic, metal and glass surfaces.

Tapes are considered as the universal tool that conveniently and efficiently solves our numerous adhesion problems within few minutes. Due to our dependence on this simple to use bonding tool, it becomes imperative for their manufacturer to ensure their excellent adhesive strength and overall quality. The performance of a tape is evaluated on its bonding ability and how much force it takes to remove it from the applied surface. The tape manufacturer must use adequate testing procedures and sophisticated testing machines to test their quality defining features. Manufacturers can use a Peel Strength Tester for such evaluations.  This instrument is specifically designed to provide an accurate evaluation of the adhesion strength of a wide variety of tapes.

What is the meaning of Peel Strength?

Peel Strength is used to evaluate the bond strength of a tape and the application surface.  In a typical peel strength test, the applied tape is peeled off from the surface using a peel strength testing machine. This test is conducted at various angles and at a constant rate. Factors such as average peel strength and peak peel load are used to determine the stickiness & removability of tapes.

Importance of Adhesion Strength


There are numerous times when the seal of a packaging fails during storage or transits. This is mainly caused due to poor adhesive properties of the tape and environmental conditions like humidity. This adhesive failure can sometimes affect the content packed inside the package.  If the package is delivered by a professional courier company, then it becomes their responsibility to bear the loss caused due to failed packaging. This also affects their reputation and it can also result in loss of potential customers.  Therefore, the peel strength of every tape must be thoroughly checked with the help of a peel strength tester to avoid any seal failures and ensure safe transit of the packed item.