Each and every one of us has played with a tennis ball during our school or college days. Although it is designed for tennis,  but it is also used for playing Cricket and many other games.  There are numerous factors that determine the quality of a tennis ball such as weight, bounce, size and formation. According to International tennis federation, the diameter of a ball should be 2.57–2.70 inches (6.54–6.86 cm) and mass should be in the range of 1.98–2.10 ounces (56.0–59.4 g). This International governing body has only allowed the use of fluorescent yellow or optic yellow and white balls for a professional Tennis Competition.  But nowadays, fluorescent yellow balls are used more often due to their easy visibility on colour television.

Along with weight, size and diameter, ball compression strength also plays a significant role in determining the quality of a ball. The compressibility or stiffness can affect the rebound capability of a ball, which can also affect the performance of a player. Balls with higher compression contacts the racquet for a much lesser time as compared to softer balls, resulting in a difference in reaction & impact force felt by a player’s arm. The higher impact force by a stiff ball can sometimes lead to a tennis elbow, tendinitis or can also cause an injury to the ligaments, cartilage or bones. Thus, it becomes extremely important to maintain the compression level of a ball. A Ball Compression Tester can be used by manufacturers to test the level of compression and to maintain set standards laid down by the international sports authorities.

Ball Compression Test – Why is Important?

This test is performed to evaluate the stiffness of a ball and to check any deformity in its shape after compression. A tennis ball manufacturer has to create a perfect product according to set quality standards of International tennis federation.  The compressibility is one of the most important aspects of a ball because it determines the ball’s performance during various levels of play. Labtiger offers a highly efficient ball compressing testing device in both standard and customized options. It comes with a bright LED display and feather touch control buttons.

What features are available in Labtiger’s Ball Compression Tester machine?


  • It is equipped with upward and downward limit switches
  • The maximum load range of this machine is 100 kgf
  • The device has peak load hold facility
  • It is fitted with inverted straight plates to prevent the ball from slipping.
  • Test speed can be adjusted according to sample specification