In recent years PET Bottles have taken the market by storm. Owing to their non-reactive properties and leak proof nature they are highly demanded in beverage, pharmaceutical and water packaging industries. PET bottles are known for their excellent barrier properties which mean the packaged food and beverage remains safe from contamination or toxic materials. They protect & preserve the content of the product.  Due to their transparent nature, customers can actually see the packed product before buying. In addition, these bottles are specifically designed to stand and resist rigorous transportation methods.  

If we compare them with the glass bottles, a vehicle can carry more PET bottles because of their light weight and break resistance ability. It is much easier to transport PET bottles due to their flexibility and excellent ability to survive the long journey.  These all factors have made them the best among the rest. They have now become the most preferred packaging material for renowned beverage companies around the world. With a wide demand for PET bottles across different industries, it becomes imperative for the manufacturers to meet every requirement within a specific time, which sometimes leads to the negligence of the quality.  The Inferior quality of a bottle can harm the packaged product and can also lead to fatal consequences if there are chemicals inside the bottle. In order to avoid any accident and ensure the utmost safety of the product, Labtiger has introduced a highly efficient Digital Vacuum Leak Tester in the market. It is designed as per international standards to check the seal integrity and seal performance of PET bottles.

Why is it important to perform a Vacuum Leak Test?

The quality of a PET bottle plays an essential role in determining its demand among customers. It also plays an important role in holding their interest for a long period of time. There are many climatic, physical or biological factors that can damage a packed product.  Labtiger’s leak testing device is a highly effective tool used for testing the leakage properties of PET bottles. This testing instrument uses a high pressure vacuum to perform each and every test with maximum precision and within a short span of time.

Key Features of Labtiger’s Digital Vacuum Leak Tester

  • It is manufactured according to ASTM F 2338-09(2013) and D 4991-07(2015) standards
  • It comes with changeable timer units – sec: hrs: min
  • The instrument gives real time inspection data
  • The testing device has inbuilt calibration facility
  • It is operator Friendly
  • Preset Timer Function and Inlet vacuum pressure settings are also available for repeatability and precision