Packaging is one of the most important aspects of any Brand. A proper packaging ensures the utmost safety of a product during transit. There are various materials used for this purpose but corrugated boxes are considered as the most reliable and effective due to their robust construction, lightweight and versatility.  The reusability and recyclability of boxes have also played an important role in their high demand and usage. They are the most cost effective and feasible alternative in the time when the production cost, fuel and energy costs are increasing every other day.  

Owing to the high demand of packaging materials, many corrugated box manufacturing units have increased their daily production. Most of these units work day in and out to meet the diverse requirements of their customers. There are many instances when they do not test the manufactured batch due to lack of adequate testing machine or shortage of proper testing instruments. Labtiger noticed this pitfall and after evaluating the market they have launched a wide range of testing instruments in the market. The instruments like Bursting Strength Tester, Drop Tester, Box Compression Tester can easily test the hardness, drop strength, tear resistance capability and compressibility.

How a Bursting Strength Tester Works?

You will find this instrument in almost all paper & packaging industries. Bursting Strength Tester is used for measuring the Bursting strength of boxes.  In simpler terms, it measures the amount of pressure asserted to rupture a box or paper board.

In the testing process, a test sample is placed between the two clamps of the machine and constant pressure is put on it with the help of rubber diaphragm. This uniform pressure causes expansion of the sample until it bursts after a certain point of time. The quality evaluator can release the push switch to release the pressure.

Why should you purchase Labtiger’s Bursting Strength Tester – Digital Model?


The offered device is very easy to operate and provides reliable, repeatable as well as consistent data. The instrument has feather touch controls and is equipped with a microprocessor based digital display. This device has excellent memory capacity for data storage. It comes with TARE facility and the force application is performed through the hydraulic load. Moreover, it also has peak hold capacity to maintain the highest value of memory.