Corrugated boxes or cartons are the most preferred and reliable way of packaging in almost all sectors of the market. These boxes are mainly used for long transits, hence they should be strong enough to bear any external pressure. The condition in which a box reach its destination shows the quality control knowledge of the manufacturer. To ensure the utmost safety of the packaged product, the manufacturer must use high quality and robust corrugated boxes. Stringent quality checking procedures should be followed to determine the load bearing capacity and strength of a box. There are several machines available in the market that can easily check the compression strength and bursting strength of a box with maximum precision.

Labtiger understands the need for testing boxes and offers a user friendly Box Compression Tester machine in two different models. These devices are designed according to both national and international standards ASTM D642, ISO 12048 and ASTM D4169.

Why is it necessary to perform a Compression Test?

Compression test is considered as the most reliable and effective method of testing the compression strength of corrugated boxes that are used for long transit. In the testing procedure, a sample is compressed using heavy load and the pressure at which the material gets damaged is recorded at different loads. The compression or tension on the material is calculated and represented in a graphical format, which is further evaluated by the quality checker. Therefore, this test is very important for determining the pressure resistance ability of a box during storage and transit period.

How to Perform a Compression Test?

Numerous International and National recognised organisations such as ISO, BIS, ASTM etc. have laid the guidelines to perform the compression test. To conduct this test according to set standards.

  • Keep a test sample on the platform
  • Now set the Constant pressure
  • The pressure rate depends on the size and shape of the material
  • The material will lose its shape at a certain pressure.
  • The amount of pressure applied during the material deformation is recorded for evaluation

This test helps in measuring the pressure resistance capability of a box and to ensure maximum safety of the material which will be kept inside it during storage as well as during transportation.

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